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US President Donald Trump looks to increase energy exports to India

01 July 2017, 12:59 | Lucy Hill

President Donald Trump on Tuesday hailed an energy revolution marked by surging U.S. exports of oil and natural gas

President Donald Trump on Tuesday hailed an energy revolution marked by surging U.S. exports of oil and natural gas

Yet at the same time, the same time, he encouraged people to challenge the solid scientific consensus surrounding climate change and consider the "other side" of the issue. "In climate science unresolved questions remain ― issues that now lack conclusive evidence".

"We're also looking forward to exporting more American energy to India as your economy grows, including major long-term contracts to purchase American natural gas, which are right now being negotiated, and we will sign them". I agree with them it's nonsense, ' Perry said.

"It looks like it will support the need for having a fleet of coal plants in the USA", he said.

Trump is touting "energy dominance", as he calls it, while Perry says Washington has hindered the country's energy exporting for years, but all that changes under the new administration. I don't think there is - I mean, this is America. Subsidizing at-risk nuclear reactors to keep them online through 2020 would require an estimated $2.9 billion annually, Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday renewed his quest for "energy dominance" by increasing drilling and mining with fewer regulations. "These politically driven policies, driven primarily by hostility to coal, threatens the reliability and the stability of the greatest electrical grid in the world", he said. "It's done. If you don't believe that, you're a skeptic, a Luddite, '" Perry said".

"You're an energy denier", said the first demonstrator.

As ABC News reported, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Monday the Trump administration is confident officials can "pave the path toward USA energy dominance" by exporting oil, gas and coal to worldwide markets, and promoting nuclear energy and even renewables such as wind and solar power.

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"I recognize markets have had a role in the evolution of our energy mix, but no reasonable person can deny the thumb, or even the whole hand, if you will, has been put on the scale in favor of certain political outcomes", he added. And making deeper market changes to better compensate nuclear power plants for the reliable, zero-carbon electricity they offer depends on action by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which lacks a working quorum.

Earlier this month, the EIA said that the US stayed on top as the world's largest producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons in 2016 for the fifth straight year, ahead of Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia. He also said he is reaffirming "our commitment to clean energy".

"We're trying to absorb and digest" what dominance is, she said.

However, Perry said he wants to eliminate policies that give preference to any one source of energy.

Perry spoke with reporters about how he, Trump and the administration see their stated goal of "energy dominance", in which the US goes beyond energy independence and starts actively competing on multiple global stages through self-sufficiency and exports of natural gas, oil, coal and other forms of energy.

While observers do not expect Republicans to embark on an effort to rescind tax breaks for renewable power, like the production tax credit for wind, Perry said earlier this week that everything should be on the table when discussing tax reform.

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