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Sonic Mania on Switch has home button glitch, fix on the way

17 August 2017, 02:39 | Hattie Nash

The 'Sonic Mania' collector's edition packed with retro goodies

Sonic Mania Reviews: What People Are Saying

From the moment that Sonic Mania was first announced, fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog series were excited to see a return to the 2D platforming of old.

Yet when you look a little deeper, even in the nostalgia-laden Green Hill Zone that begins the game, subtle differences start to appear. Sonic Mania is everything a long-suffering Sonic fan could hope for. Your action button is whatever you press to do things like use a shield's power, glide (Knuckles), fly (Tails), etc.

Sonic Mania has spun its way into the market today, on various consoles with retro style.

Find the hidden giant rings in each level for a chance to recover some chaos emeralds. "Still, it's the gimmick and the love together that turned "& Knuckles" into a meme among fans, and now it's become a playable mode in the franchise's newest game.

Yet, surprisingly, it's the new stuff that is the star of the show here, with fresh ideas and joyful twists that could never have come from Sega itself.

Sonic Mania Reviews: What People Are Saying
Sonic Mania on Switch has home button glitch, fix on the way

Concluding the second boss fight in Studiopolis (the game's third zone), a large television screen in the background loses its signal and if you listen closely, you can hear the exact same buzzing frequency that plagued the game's worldwide reveal.

It's similar to the classic Spin Dash, but instead of charging it up, you just burst into a dash from mid-air once you land.

Mania already allows gamers to play as Knuckles, alongside the other standard character options of Sonic, Tails, or both Sonic and Tails together, but & Knuckles mode does exactly what you'd expect: adds an additional Knuckles.

Sonic 2's weird splitscreen multiplayer mode is back.

It doesn't take a gaming expert to know that there hasn't been a good Sonic game in years.

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