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Strange Sea Creatures Chewed Up This Teen Boy's Legs

08 August 2017, 12:41 | Hattie Nash

Mystery flesh-eating sea bugs filmed devouring a slab of meat - after they left a teen with blood pouring from his legs on a Melbourne beach

Teen Emerges From Beach With Bloodied Legs After A Quick Dip

Sixteen-year-old Sam Kanizay from Brighton Beach, Melbourne had just come home from playing football and his legs were exhausted and very sore after all that exercise. "I suspect the reason why the wounds were so intense was because he was standing still for so long and his legs went numb".

Although a similar sea lice attack on another teenage boy was reported at a nearby beach in 2015, Dr. Poore said sea lice lived all over the world: "It's not an Australian thing".

They are tiny carnivorous crustaceans which feed on dead marine creatures, which includes whales and even sea birds.

The teen's parents took him to hospital when they could not stem the bleeding, but doctors were unable to confirm what had caused the pin-prick-sized bites.

According to the Alaska state Department of Fish and Game, sea lice are small, oval-shaped crustaceans that are often seen hanging on to salmon - they are parasites.

Some are speculating that sea lice were what attacked the teen.

The 16-year-old said his ankles were covered in what looked like hundreds of little pin holes.

"Maybe the strong westerly winds pushed them towards the shore and they congregated on the eastern side of the bay where Sam went", he said.

One nurse advised the bites could be from sea lice, but it was no more than a "guess".

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Mr Kanizay returned to the beach with Sam's siblings the next day to see if they could collect some of the culprits.

"There was a massive pool of blood on the floor [at the hospital]".

The father the next night went back to the beach, with a slab of meat and a fishing net, and caught hundreds of the perps. "I'm not really sure what to think of it".

"We got the email from Matt Hornsby, our fitness guy, and told us not to go in", Stevens said.

The teenager had played football and his legs had turned sore, he thought of relieving his pain by swimming and soaking his legs in the water of Dendy Street Beach in Brighton.

He was given antibiotics, and later taken to a different hospital for further tests, but his legs continued to bleed into the early hours of Sunday.

Hospital staff were at a loss to explain what had happened.

"We put them in an Esky and brought them home and looked at them intently and let them swim in white dishes with red meat".

The marine biologist had been on a night dive taking pictures under a nearby pier when he found his forehead and cheeks were bleeding when he resurfaced. "They are very good at finding food".

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