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Bungie stepped up its emote game for Destiny 2

10 September 2017, 03:38 | Gina Pena

Margin Makers: Guide to Destiny 2 merchandise

Destiny 2 The First Nightfall Strike

You'll want it to do it again and again and again. Others see them as a cruel and soulless money grab.

Developer Bungie has done this before - with the Halo series first, and then with the original Destiny back in 2014. A long-delayed delivery on three years' of tinkering and potential? Maybe it's too much to ask the developers of Bungie to copy Wildstar's shader system, but the company should at least get rid of the one-use limitation. The book covers everything there is to know and achieve in Destiny 2, with a foreword written by game director Luke Smith.

The roadmap also sets down some expectations for the Destiny 2 Guided Games system, a cross between LFG and matchmaking that will allow solo players to queue up with players from clans in order to complete endgame activities. "Veterans of our community know that Destiny is not just a story about heroes, but also a world that evolves with you".

This modifier is triggered by performing specific actions during each Public Event - you can find all of the Heroic Event triggers we know of so far here. The tribute comes with impressive black-and-white artworks depicting some of the players' most memorable moments from "Destiny 1".

Destiny 2 attempts to separate itself from rival titles like Overwatch and Call of Duty by re-thinking the traditional shooter structure. I do question the inclusion of a micro transaction store that includes buffs and other cosmetic items. The first is the European Dead Zone - a crumbling sprawl of old-Earth towns and outcrops that make up the largest open environment the Destiny team has ever made. Players were excited to discover in the Destiny 2 beta that armor shaders would now be applied to individual pieces of armor - you'd be able to wear different shaders for your helmet, gauntlets, chest piece and boots. It improves on the original game in nearly every way, and even though not all of the features and activities are live yet, it still feels like a far more complete game than Destiny did at launch. Our only qualm right now?

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Mission design is much improved, though. You used this item ("shaders") to do that.

Regardless, what are your thoughts on the changes to the shader system in Destiny 2? You will still shoot aliens, revelling in that satisfying trigger-pull.

What do you lot reckon?

Will Destiny 2 out-perform its predecessor? Destiny LFG is a good source to pick up players for the Nightfall Strike or any of Destiny's Challenges that require a fireteam. Combined with the aforementioned campaign and return of Strikes, there is a ton of content present to help you reach max power level without repeating the same activity.

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