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FCC repeals net neutrality rules; NY attorney general will sue

16 December 2017, 06:00 | Hattie Nash

Pai chairman of the Federal Communications Commission at a meeting in Washington

Pai chairman of the Federal Communications Commission at a meeting in Washington

"Because our streamer community - many of which are small business owners - depend on their viewers having easy access to their channels and reliable quality of service, repealing net neutrality will erode the power of the internet to enable and create these types of jobs".

Watch how the disruption unfolded below.

NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman has announced he will lead a multi-state lawsuit against the vote that "gave big telecom an early Christmas present" and "will give ISPs (Internet Service Providers) new ways to control what we see, what we do, and what we say online".

Others are under the opposite impression.

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Thursday he will file a lawsuit against the FCC's decision to undo net neutrality rules implemented under the Obama administration. "They argue there is no financial incentive to penalize specific apps or services, that giving some sites the option of faster service could in fact benefit consumers, and that the new rules allow the Federal Trade Commission to sue carriers that act anti-competitively".

Pai, a long-time opponent of net neutrality who voted against the 2015 regulation, favours "light-touch" approach to regulation, and believes ISPs will not speed up or slow down net access depending who pays and who doesn't - called paid prioritization.

New Yorkers deserve the right to a free and open Internet. "With this CRA, Congress can correct the Commission's misguided and partisan decision and keep the internet in the hands of the people, not big corporations". Protests have erupted online and in the streets as everyday Americans worry that cable and phone companies will be able to control what they see and do online. Pai said Wednesday that fewer regulations will lead to more internet investment and innovation. The rules and regulations pertaining to it must be placed in the federal register and will likely occur at the top of the new year.

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Unfortunately, the moves in California could be precluded, as today's FCC order also sought to limit the states making their own rules about net neutrality.

"Net neutrality is essential to our 21st century democracy, and we need to be sure that people can access websites and information freely and fairly", Sen.

What makes you concerned about the way internet service providers are positioning themselves?

Politicians were not the only ones up in arms. In the courts. In Congress.

"Net Neutrality is the nondiscrimination law of the internet", Free Press Policy Director Matt Wood said. "The privacy protections internet users had before the rule are the same privacy protections they have today".

Any one of these actions could hit well before the repeal actually becomes effective.

Net neutrality was not put into place until 2015 by the Obama Administration, and before that time, there were no legal protections urging ISPs to remain neutral in the web surfing experiences they provided.

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