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Super Blue Blood Moon 2018

03 February 2018, 03:20 | Hattie Nash

The super blue blood moon is partially eclipsed as it sets beside the Statue of Liberty in New York City. Gary Hershorn—Corbis via Getty Images

The super blue blood moon is partially eclipsed as it sets beside the Statue of Liberty in New York City

"I've seen the blood moon in many photos, but it's fantastic and meaningful to see it for yourself, as I'm a big fan of astronomy".

While clouds blanketed much of NSW, the ACT and South Australia last night, watchers in Perth and along the coast of Western Australia were treated to clear skies and the best views. That combination won't happen again until 2037.

Crowds gather on the Marine Parade Beach to watch the moon rise on January 31, 2018. The moon orbits around Earth in an elliptical pathway - when the moon reaches the closest part of its orbit, we have a supermoon.

Astronomers say that the conditions which governed tonight's appearance of the moon are incredibly rare.

A super blue blood moon rises behind the 2,500-year-old Parthenon temple on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, on january 31, 2018.

"It was great that the Astronomical Society brought their equipment for people to see this awesome event first hand", she said.

The super blue blood moon up in the sky above the Bosphorus straits in Istanbul
The super blue blood moon up in the sky above the Bosphorus straits in Istanbul. Yasin Akgul—AFP Getty Images

The space agency plans to provide a live stream of the moon from ground telescopes, throughout the eclipse. The total solar eclipse that swept across the U.S.in August contributed to Wednesday's buzz, he noted.

The entire passage took more than three hours, during which the moon turned a coppery red as sunlight going through Earth's atmosphere bounced off its surface.

A composite image shows the moon during a lunar eclipse referred to as the "super blue blood moon" in Tokyo. He's deputy project scientist for NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been circling the moon since 2009.

A super blue blood moon is the result of the three things happening at once. His team took special precautions to keep the spacecraft warm during the eclipse. (AFP) Full moon rises beside the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

The optimum time to view the UK's super blue moon was around 12.40am on Thursday, February 1, when the moon was at its highest.

The Super Blue Blood Moon sets behind the Staten Island Ferry, seen from Brooklyn. The next blue blood moon, won't be seen fora decade.

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