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Fans Still Vow To See "A Wrinkle in Time" Despite Negative Reviews

12 March 2018, 09:21 | Jermaine Blake

Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled appear at The Grove in Los Angeles in Nov. 2017. Kevin Winter Getty Images

Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled appear at The Grove in Los Angeles in Nov. 2017

"I'm excited! I loved that book so much as a kid; I read all of them!" Which, of course, isn't to say it's not without merits ― in particular Storm Reid, who is captivating and perfectly cast in a role that requires a hefty emotional lift.

I want the audience to know that they can be themselves and they are ideal just the way they are, they shouldn't let anyone tell them any different. The lead character Meg Murry, who is canonically white in the novel, is biracial in the 2018 film; her mom is black and her father is white.

The Atlanta-native started acting at age 3 after she told her mother that she wanted to be a "stuperstar". Which feels right, and Reese Witherspoon as Mrs. Whatsit almost steals the show with her wacky lines. Who (Mindy Kaling) - who have come looking for Meg, her brother, and her new friend, Calvin (Levi Miller), in order to help them save the missing scientist.

The film furthers the modern trends of both diversity and the female empowerment self-love in popular entertainment while shedding a shining light on relevant topics such as bullying and even depression, especially for younger people in the context of school and family. And while we're assembling our Great Expectations Wish List, let me add one more thing. Everything was lovely. Oprah's makeup was stunning and everything the Mrs. Ws wore was creative and specific to their characters. The planet looks as though they're out in the green fields and flowers of a countryside. It was so fun! She quotes Shakespeare, Gandhi and other notable figures throughout the film.

There might be a record amount of hugging in this movie. Based on my overview so far, you may be able to guess how it ends. The journey feels too short and abrupt, not almost enough to prepare either the characters or the audience for the final battle, and because of that the ending feels oddly too long.

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What's at Stake in Trump's Looming Trade War With China
China, which is believed to be the primary target of Trump's looming trade war, warned that trade wars also "harm the initiator". Trump upset America's allies last week by vowing to slap tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum.

The pacing of the film is tedious with too much set-up and speeches from the three celestial beings. "She has a handsome vision and a attractive mind". As the nearly frighteningly precocious Charles Wallace, Deric McCabe is able to portray the characters intense intelligence without becoming obnoxious, a feat for a child of that age.

Meg, who struggles with self confidence, wants nothing more than to have her dad back at home, so as she sees it, life can return to normal. The relationship between brother and sister in this film is one that most parents dream of, and is actually believable. It's all the things within ourselves, within our family, within our world, and society and culture, and you're trying to evoke those, too. He serves as a sort of love interest for Meg, but he was completely transparent otherwise. That sounds harsh, but he could have been excluded and the story wouldn't have changed.

If you had the power to travel through the universe, would you do it? The film goes some dark places, as all the best children's films do, but its honest and genuine message will resonate with children who are going through these same feelings. It was imaginative, colorful and had just the right sprinkle of science fiction. So she really opened my eyes to that you can't just be a director or an actor or a producer, but you really have to represent everyone in your cast and your crew.

This big-budget adaptation of the children's sci-fi classic "A Wrinkle in Time" is moving, didactic, imaginative, and bloated, all at the same time.

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